A Slice of Italy - Italian meal pic by Daniel P. Nov 2022 on Yelp

A Slice of Italy

You know what’s exciting? Living in a place surrounded by rich culture, history, and of course, mouthwatering cuisine! Right in the heart of the Alexan Cathedral Arts’ neighborhood lies a gem that brings Italy’s flavors to Dallas: Jimmy’s Food Store. Ciao, bella Dallas!

A Slice of Italy, Right Next Door

Imagine taking a stroll from your home at Alexan Cathedral Arts, and suddenly, the tantalizing aroma of authentic Italian goodies welcomes you. Jimmy’s Food Store isn’t just any grocery store; it’s Dallas’ passport to Italy. Say goodbye to long-haul flights and say hello to authentic Italian flavors at your doorstep.

More Than Just a Store: It’s a Legacy

Jimmy’s isn’t a recent fad; it’s a rich tapestry of history, passion, and dedication. With over half a century in the grocery business, the DiCarlo family is at the heart of it all. The third-generation brothers, Mike and Paul, helm the ship, ensuring that the legacy their father and grandfather started in 1966 continues to thrive. 

A Wine Room Like No Other

Ever dreamed of an evening in Tuscany, surrounded by the finest wines? Jimmy’s Food Store brings that dream to life with the Circolo del Vino. More than just a wine room. It’s an experience. With Italian wine tastings and lavish wine dinners, it’s like having a slice of the Italian vineyards in Dallas.

So, ready for some Italian flair? Grab a basket, and let’s explore a slice of Italy at Jimmy’s Food Store when you move to Alexan Cathedral Arts! Buon appetito!