A Tour of Our A7 Apartment

Sick of feeling like a sardine in a can? Let’s make your apartment feel like a penthouse! At Alexan Cathedral Arts, we get that everyone needs their space, and our apartments offer the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or studio, we’ve got floor plans that are sure to fit your style. Take our A7 luxury apartment, for example. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom beauty offers a whopping 996 SF of room to stretch out in. It comes with its own balcony, a big walk-in closet, and even a separate area for studying or working. The ceilings are nice and high at nine feet, and the floors are stylish wood-vinyl, giving the place a modern and airy feel. Plus, the private patios or balconies offer great views of the city. Ready to find your perfect space? Come over, take a tour of our A7 apartment, and see how we can upgrade your living situation.

A7 Luxury Apartment Floor Plan

Imagine walking into your A7 apartment and feeling that sense of space and freedom. This floor plan isn’t just about having a place to crash; it’s about enjoying where you live. The living area is big enough to entertain friends or kick back and relax, and the nine-foot ceilings make it feel even more open. The bedroom isn’t cramped either – it’s comfy and has a walk-in closet that’s big enough to keep all your stuff organized. Need a quiet corner to work or study? The separate study area in the A7 luxury floor plan is perfect for that. And let’s talk about the balcony – it’s your private outdoor space to enjoy a cup of coffee or get some fresh air. With this much room, you’ll never feel boxed in again.

Modern Touches and Great Views

We know it’s not just about space but about style and comfort, too. That’s why our apartments at Alexan Cathedral Arts come with modern touches like wood-vinyl plank flooring. It’s not only chic but also super easy to clean and maintain. And the mudrooms in these apartments? They’re a game-changer. No more tracking dirt into your clean home – the mudroom takes care of that. Plus, the patios and balconies aren’t just tacked on; they’re thoughtfully designed to offer some of the best views of downtown and uptown. Imagine unwinding after a long day and soaking in the cityscape from your own home. That’s the kind of living experience we offer here at Alexan Cathedral Arts.

Find Your Perfect Fit

At Alexan Cathedral Arts, we believe everyone deserves a space that feels like home. Whether you’re all about that solo life in a studio or need a bit more room in a one or two-bedroom apartment, we’ve got you covered. Each of our floor plans has your comfort and lifestyle taken into heart. And the A7 is just one example of how we go the extra mile to make sure you’re getting the space, style, and comfort you deserve. So, why settle for cramped and dull when you can live large and in style? Come check out Alexan Cathedral Arts, take a tour, and find the floor plan that’s just right for you.

Ready to leave behind the cramped living and step into spacious luxury? Alexan Cathedral Arts is here to make your apartment feel like a penthouse. With our variety of floor plans, modern touches, and stunning city views, we’re redefining what apartment living should be. Find your perfect apartment floor plan with us today. Come and take a tour of our A7 apartment floor plan today!