Your Work From Home Upgrade - Remote work center with variable seating options, work booths, private day offices and conference area

Your Work From Home Upgrade

Your new favorite spot to get things done. Forget trying to work from your kitchen table! Alexan Cathedral Arts has an excellent workspace built right into the community. It has comfy chairs, private booths for when you need to really focus, and even separate offices you can use for the day. If your job lets you work from home, this space is a game-changer! Imagine having your own fancy office just steps from your apartment, your work from home upgrade. No more distractions, no more cramped setups – just a quiet, professional place to get things done. Plus, it’s perfect if you need to hold a virtual meeting!

Flexible Workspace for Every Need

Our work center isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of place! Depending on your needs, it can be anything you want. Need to buckle down without distractions? We have private booths where you can get into the zone. Big meeting coming up? Our private offices give you a professional setting for those important calls. Got a group project on the go? Spread out with your team in our bigger, open workspaces. Want to work outside for some fresh air? Our WiFi extends across the whole community so you can take your laptop anywhere. No matter where you work, you’ll have access to lightning-fast WiFi to keep things running smoothly. We’ve designed it flexibly because we know everyone has different work styles.

RideShare Lounge for Convenient Commuting

Waiting for your ride has never been more comfortable. Especially late at night or when it’s cold outside! That’s why we have a dedicated ride-share lounge. It’s a safe, comfortable space with nice seating where you can relax while your car arrives. Forget waiting outside in the dark or feeling rushed – our lounge offers a great spot to take a breath and wait for your ride without any worries. Plus, it means you won’t be blocking the entrance for other residents. You can stay warm and comfy indoors until it’s time to go. It’s just one more way we make living here easier and less stressful!

Stay Connected and Effective

At Alexan Cathedral Arts, we get that staying connected is a must these days! Along with our awesome work center, we have WiFi throughout all our shared spaces. Need to answer emails on your break? No problem! Hang out in the ride-share lounge and stay online. Want to work in a comfy chair outside? Our WiFi has you covered. We know some workdays look different, so we ensure you can get things done and stay online, no matter where you are in our community.

By scheduling a tour today, come and see what Alexan Cathedral Arts has to offer. Check out our luxury apartment amenities that elevate your living experience. Every feature aims to enhance your lifestyle, from our thoughtfully designed work center to the comfortable ride-share lounge and robust community WiFi. Join us at Alexan Cathedral Arts, where luxury meets convenience, giving you the perfect environment to live, work, and play. Experience your work from home upgrade with our premium amenities and state-of-the-art facilities.